The LEAD Upstate event signifies bringing community and law enforcement together in the name of appreciation and gratitude. The LEAD Upstate sponsors are honored to host this event to the men and women who courageously dedicate their lives to serve the citizens of their communities. Each year, this event gains more participation and sponsorships while amassing abounding appreciation for the selfless individuals who pledged to protect and serve.



Seabrook Marchant, the founder of LEAD Upstate , has always held a special  appreciation for law enforcement officers. He was a member of the Civil Service Commission for Greenville which was responsible for hiring police and firefighters the city of Greenville. Through his service, he became well acquainted with the needs, concerns and triumphs of law enforcement officers.

It was Seabrook’s numerous encounters with officers at Tommy’s Ham House, that conceived the LEAD Upstate event. After seeing an inordinate amount of officers at Tommy’s Ham House waiting for breakfast, Seabrook and a friend decided to buy their meals as a token of his appreciation. This was a catalyst for the event, as Seabrook sought out more sponsors to continue this tradition. There came a need for a bigger venue as “the law enforcement breakfast at Tommy’s Ham House” amassed more popularity amongst different municipal offices. After arranging accommodations at Westin Poinsett, officers were invited to come in between shifts to enjoy breakfast and fellowship with one another. In addition to the breakfast, each officer receives “valor bags” which are filled with gifts from local businesses and organizations.

LEAD Upstate

Seabrook Marchant (864) 444-8503

Laura Marchant (864) 915-9954